Apply for Free Storytelling Training!

In New Orleans, our stories are spoken. They’re shouted by tantes over kitchen tables, whispered with giggles on stoops, chanted by Black Masking Indians in our streets, and told to thousands of tourists each year. They are precious to us, the bedrock of our communities and cultures. And, they are also precious – at any moment a spoken story can be lost forever to the past. That is why I’m excited to train more storytellers to have the tools and knowledge they need to become leaders lifting up the stories of communities who are so often excluded from the history of this city.

Sustaining Our Stories & Storytellers is a FREE training series for storytellers active in the cultural economies of New Orleans. With a focus on community stories and research, as well as academic research and documentation, it will give our culture bearers more tools to be able to find and preserve important stories in our communities. By the end of the training, folks will have gone into their own communities, recorded a spoken story, and presented what they discovered to the rest of the class as their own spoken story.

This training is completely free with all materials provided. Classes will be most Tuesday nights (5-7 pm) from October 4th to December 6th at the New Orleans Healing Center (there will be no classes on November 1 or 22 due to holidays) . The application is quick and easy, but spaces are limited to only 18 spots so apply today! This class is open to all – BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks are encouraged to apply and will be prioritized in admission. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.